Psychological Projection onto others?

There is a saying within ‘projection’ and that is if you spot it, then you have got it!

If you can see it in others, then it is in yourself!

When we see irregularities or discrepancies within people’s personalities this is a need being expressed and reflects our own insecurities and the more we do it the more we are projecting especially when there is no real justified reason for us to do so.

We all have negative, undesirable or uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that often arise within us and are subsequently repressed or pushed away into another part of the mind which is called the unconscious.

These then re-emerge in another form or convert into a more acceptable or convenient outlet or target elsewhere.

In other words we start seeing things within other people and these things can become magnified or highlighted such as when we criticise, blame or attack others for their beliefs or behaviours etc.

Even the most intelligent people do this because it is happening outside of conscious awareness and our direct control.

We can see others in a negative or objectionable way and this can include anger or disgust especially when there appears to be no real reason which could be categorised as picking on another whether it be outwardly expressed or internally privately thought, either way we are dumping our dislike of ourselves onto them and making it theirs.

Projection can be neurotic, negative or positive or even reversed where we can even believe that the other person likes us when in fact they may not or they may just have an agenda and be using us so that they can reach their own beneficial ends at your expense.

It can also happen when we fall in love and see the other person much like ourselves, so much in common and possibly even believing that we are soul-mates when in fact we are seeing more than is really there which can sometimes end in unexpected break ups.

An example among many is when two people who squabble with each other and argue usually over trivial matters especially in the workplace when in fact both may be attracted to each other and one accuses the other of unfairness, trouble making or even untoward advances.

We project our emotions, feelings and thoughts views and beliefs onto other people because it discharges our own junk and we make it the other person’s issue so that we can see how unpleasant, negative or dysfunctional they really are without us feeling or experiencing the direct feelings and emotions as our own.

Often when this happens we are then in a better position to criticise others or offer unfair treatment thus allowing ourselves some distance from the very thing that is within us. Remember, it becomes converted so you may not be able to consciously follow it back easily.

The human self or the ego recognises flaws and inadequacies or dysfunction within ourselves and these things become unacceptable to the rest of our internal mental and emotional structure especially when religion or morality is involved and the mind has a way of repositioning it, discharging it and locating it somewhere else namely in other people.

This is just a broad example how we defend ourselves from things we can’t accept or hold material which is uncomfortable, painful and clashes with our other parts.

We are externalising our dark parts into an external place. This is a more manageable and convenient way of dealing with the unaccepted material.

Another example could be an older person expressing an over the top outward verbal disgust or repulsion for the younger generations promiscuity and loose sexual behaviour when in reality this is their unconscious minds way of re-routing, discharging and externalising their own inner, related shameful feelings and thoughts possibly due to long forgotten actions or behaviour in that person.

Why carry it around when we can give it to someone else!

This is particularly evident in someone who excessively criticises the morality and behaviour of the younger generation when they’re probably really isn’t any logical need for them to do so other than they need to and that would be a good indication that they are projecting outwardly onto others.

If it’s created, if it is felt, if it’s experienced then it needs to be discharged especially when we can’t accept it.

Whether you believe it or not, if you have a thought no matter what that thought is, it has to be discharged or transferred out through the body’s movement in one form or another.

Not a single thought, feeling or emotion can arise without it being discharged afterwards.

Projection is a defence mechanism which is more automatic than anything else and it certainly does cause problems when we can start to dislike or hate certain people for all the wrong reasons simply because we are carrying around unacceptable junk.

Bear in mind this is not something we do deliberately or consciously, this is something that we do without realising it, without understanding it or recognising it, in other words it’s a part of us that is working independently and it’s got nothing to do with how intelligent we are or even how much we think were in control because we are not.

Projection is a way of alleviating our own uncomfortable unpleasant emotions such as anger, prejudice, race hate, unmet expectations and disappointments, in fact the list is endless.

We discharge our rubbish onto other people and we don’t even know we’re doing it, no wonder the world is the way it is, full of anger and hate, hurt and pain and there is a big part of the human being doing things automatically without any control over it.

Take for example driving a car, when you lose your temper over someone’s driving behaviour and you went over the top and you may just put it down to having a bad day when in fact you might be identifying the stupidity, disrespect or inconsiderate ignorance that is within you, you just seen them do what you do or what you have done in the past especially if others have projected onto you their judgement over your driving performance, manners and so on.

As we move through life we take on board all sorts of material and collect a whole array of uncomfortable, negative, embarrassing and shameful emotional, disturbing and unacceptable feelings and thoughts!

The human being is endlessly suffering and blaming others, criticising others, abusing others to show how hurt or hard done by we are – we are the victim – we are a righteous upstanding person and those around us have flaws.

Wherever we are and wherever we go in everyday life we are surrounded by people including ourselves who criticise, damn others for their actions and behaviours and we are unknowingly projecting and externalising elements of our own similar criticisms unfairly onto others.

Here are some examples that we all project on a daily basis!

  • He hates me.
  • She hates me.
  • He’s out to get me.
  • He’s playing mind games with me.
  • She is so unattractive.
  • She’s really ugly.
  • She’s a bitch.
  • I can’t stand them, I don’t know why!
  • He makes me feel nervous.
  • He makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I think he is having an affair.
  • I think he is seeing someone behind my back.
  • I just don’t trust them, I don’t know why.

If projection is true then it would be fair to say that we’re not as in control of ourselves or has bright as we would like to think we are!

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