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Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks can be treated and permanently removed.

Only use knowledgeable and experienced therapists that fully understand the true causes of panic attacks and how to remove them correctly so that there is no re-occurrence of a panic attack ever again for the rest of that person’s life.

Only use therapists as outlined below that have a clear and precise understanding of the unconscious mind, unconscious thought processes and unconscious logic leading to the pathway where the faulty stored information is located that is creating them.

A panic attack is caused by incorrect and faulty information that is stored within the unconscious mind.

This faulty information amounts to a belief that you need that panic attack.

The unconscious mind does not analyse or think like your conscious mind does, the unconscious part of the mind just produces an automatic reflex response according to the information that it has gathered through your life and associated experiences.

This information is layered and connected through various logic associations that are reinforced though each individual experience, each experience reinforces the next one (belief) to produce the incorrect reaction which is in effect an unconscious belief that you need the panic attack whether you want it or not.

Only skilled and experienced curative therapists can fully understand this process and correct the faulty information that is causing the panic attack.

Unless the true unconscious cause is corrected and removed, the symptom will remain.

Any attempt at removing the symptom by other means will result in the unconscious mind fighting back to keep it there, at best it will appear to be removed according to the treatment and therapy used and replace it with another replacement symptom far worse. This will happen.

This is why pharmaceutical products or medicines are futile and temporary and once the drugs have worn off the symptoms return stronger, the same with depression and anxiety.

If you remove one symptom without correcting the true cause of that symptom then another symptom will reappear later to replace it, because the unconscious ‘need’ remains untouched.

The unconscious mind controls and creates everything within you and that includes the regulation of your blinking, heartbeat, pulse, swallowing, body heat, actions, fears, anxieties, emotions, attitudes, energy, motivations, ideas, behaviours, desires, beliefs, sleep, hunger, balance, awareness, symptoms, disorders, blood sugar and thousands more.

The unconscious mind is controlling and maintaining thousands of functions and activities within you per minute both positive and negative. It never stops looking after you and that includes all your responses to the external world and reflex actions and responses to possible danger, harm and threats.

What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is exactly that, an attack from within onto you both psychologically, emotionally and physically and it can appear within seconds from nowhere and cause an overwhelming surge and rush of indescribable fear, terror and sheer panic of the worst kind.

The fear and panic is so severe it cannot be handled or accepted at that time due to the intensity of it and can result in a sense of wanting to run, flee and escape from the situation or place the sufferer is in at the time of the attack.

Most people who have panic attacks often report overwhelming indescribable feelings of terror and fear and that for many people who have had panic attacks, they often only have a few and seek help and treatment because they are so intolerable to allow another to occur again.

The effect the panic attack has on the mind and the body usually result in the following:

  • Intense overwhelming fear
  • A belief that the sufferer is now in imminent danger or threat for their life
  • A sense that they are going to die any second now
  • Heart is beating excessively
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath or hyperventilation
  • Inability to swallow
  • Shaking and trembling
  • Sweating
  • A sense of suffocation or choking
  • Feeling nauseous

Other symptoms specifically related to the sufferer may also appear and accompany the above list, each person’s experience is unique.

At the moment of a panic attack your system is going into a state called fight or flight which is an evolutionary response to threat or danger.

It is an innate raw animal response and it is often without the ego or personality being involved. In other words what you think and feel and decide, want or don’t want is removed and it is just a pure fight or flight mode that takes over.

You have no say in the matter, the symptoms will appear and take you over and no matter how much you try to rationalise it you will have to ride the experience through until it settles.

On average it could be 10 to 20 minutes and when it does settle the sufferer will be in a high state of anxiety and sickness with overwhelming anticipation and apprehension about its return, almost as if the person is looking out for a real and external threat.

There are many descriptions and explanations of panic attacks with the accompanying anxiety and many offer no clear distinction as to the causes or the reasons.

In most situations where panic attacks take place there will appear to be no understandable reason, but there will always be a trigger that sets it off and a true unconscious hidden cause.


There are many schools of thought as to why panic attacks take place but all are vague and hit and miss.


The medical profession is the worst however we cannot live without them and they do a super job for us all however they only treat the symptoms, they do not remove them as they do not know how to.

A panic attack is caused by the unconscious mind and ONLY the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is creating this response to a faulty and incorrect belief or sense that there is danger when actually there is none.

This is based on incorrect stored information outside of your awareness, stored beneath your level of awareness or knowledge. It is NOT conscious or known to you.

If the unconscious mind believes that you have to have a panic attack or ANY symptom then you will have a panic attack and this is purely the result of faulty stored up information which leads to the production of this incorrect reaction (symptom).

The unconscious mind is automatic, a reflex action and just produces the incorrect reaction or the symptom based on the information that is stored within the memory banks through logic and association.

Panic attacks can be removed permanently through curative hypnotherapy. Curative hypnotherapy is a treatment that corrects faulty information that you have stored up in your unconscious mind thus removing your need for the symptom known as the panic attack.

Once the cause has been corrected there will be no need for the symptom to be there. The symptom will disappear.

Other treatments that may help reduce the attacks (but not remove the unconscious cause) are CBT otherwise known as cognitive behavioural therapy or DBT dialectical behavioural therapy which is designed to change the way you think and react, however these will not remove the panic attacks permanently.

Other treatments to reduce the symptoms (but not remove the unconscious cause) include deep relaxation techniques such as yogic relaxation which involves the tensing and the releasing of muscles to help you to relax more.

Meditation can also reduce the symptoms if practised daily.

Self hypnosis CDs or relaxation DVDs will also help to reduce stress related symptoms such as anxiety and tension.

In most cases many therapies will assist but will not permanently remove the panic attacks but help you to manage them better including helping to identify situations and the triggers in your life.

We recommend that you seek out a professional licensed curative hypnotherapist who will through deep relaxation locate and correct the unconscious cause or unconscious belief which is faulty as to why you are creating this incorrect reaction.

The treatment is safe, calm and gentle with highly skilled and knowledgeable therapists on the workings of the unconscious mind.

Usually 8 to10 sessions is all that is required to correct the cause of panic attacks.

You do not need to suffer these. These can be treated.

Please note:

A Curative Hypnotherapist is completely different to a Traditional Hypnotherapist in the way the two work. Curative Hypnotherapy is different from normal, general, standard, traditional Hypnotherapy.

Normal or general hypnotherapists treat and remove the symptoms sometimes call called symptom suppression but they do not remove or correct the cause as they do not know how to or know that it even exists.

Only use a licensed Curative Hypnotherapist if you wish to permanently remove the symptom with no reoccurrence of it for the rest of your life.

If you would like more free information on a suitable therapist to contact please e-mail us.

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