Managing the Menopause Naturally

Natural menopause relief without the use of medicines or pharmaceutical products!

Black Cohosh

On the market today within health food stores is one of the most popular natural remedies for hot flushes otherwise known as the hot flash is a product called black cohosh.

This is an ideal natural replacement for hormone replacement therapy and even antidepressants to treat menopausal symptoms.

The black cohosh comes from the ground in plant form and belongs to the buttercup variety.

It has been used as far back since the 17th century to help reduce menopausal symptoms and it is available from health food stores such as Holland and Barrett in various forms as a powder which can be mixed into a liquid, tablets or capsules for ease of digestion.

Black cohosh is understood to reduce experiences of depression and balance out body changing temperature. There are also links to the way serotonin works in the brain.

St. John’s Wort

Another well-known and popular used natural treatment is the herb called St John’s wort.

This is particularly beneficial for women affected by mood swings and irritability.

St John’s wort helps to reduce depression and anxiety, assists with better relaxation and improved sleep. This product comes from a wild plant called Hypericum Perforatum and it is the dried leaves that are broken down and manufactured in pill form or drank in tea.

Please note, due to the strength of St John’s wort it is now well known that this can interact with other medications especially antidepressants and that you must consult your GP your doctor before using it even though it is freely available off-the-shelf in all good health food stores, you must check first.

Controlled and scientific studies have yet to prove conclusively that it does actually work and that it is considered to be equal to the placebo effect which can be anything from 30% to 70% effective in some people. It is mostly known for treating depression.


Ginseng is another well-known herb that has been used by the Chinese for 5,000 years or more. And it is one of the most popular herbs within Chinese herbal medicine. Ginseng is considered one of the best herbs amongst eastern alternative and complementary health and medicine.

Ginseng is used to treat the symptoms of the menopause in women and helps to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue or lethargy.

Many sports people take it saying they believe it is a good energiser for the body. Ginseng is available as an extract in the form of powder pills or tea.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is renowned as a building block for maintaining a healthy system including healthy cell growth, hormone balancing and stronger bones.

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin as it is mainly produced by the body after exposure to the sun.

Although you can take supplements the most natural way of taking vitamin D is by being in the sun for at least 30 minutes a day along with a healthy Vitamin D diet.


Macrobiotics is a diet of pure natural food such as steamed vegetables and fruit and one of the main thing macrobiotics will do is flush and cleanse your body otherwise known as de-toxing of all the impurities that processed food leaves behind.


There is no doubt that yoga can also relieve depression and irritability often the main symptoms of menopause and that by entering into yoga exercises and stretching techniques, this has been proven to change brain chemistry and electrical activity which helps to alter mood and negative feelings.

Yoga classes are all around and available in each town and are very affordable to attend. A class of yoga will leave you feeling elated, deeply relaxed, stimulated and you’re certain for a great night’s sleep with an improved well-being.


Acupuncture is commonly used for the menopause and accompanying symptoms. Acupuncture can help to reduce hot flushes and depression.


Any form of meditation is profoundly relaxing and will balance out mood and emotion, reduce depression and stress and ease anxiety and help the mind focus better.

Meditation with deep breathing exercises is one most colourful mood and mind altering practices available in the most natural way.

To recap

Try upgrading your diet of optimal nutritional intake.
Try the above herbal remedies.
Engage in exercise such as running, weightlifting and cardio.
Practice some sort of meditation, yoga, deep breathing and relaxation exercises.


Please note you must consult your doctor or GP before changing or altering any medication. This post is for self-improvement guidance purposes only and may not be suitable for everybody.

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