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Law of Cause and Effect

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All actions have reactions that will return to the scource

The law of cause and effect is a universal law which specifically states that every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what.

Every single effect within our world, upon our earth has a cause, an original starting point.

All paths have an original first step and from that first step comes a chain reaction of events with further offshoots spanning out in all directions and so on duplication and replication takes place.

All your thoughts and your human behaviour and all your movements affect the entire universe according to the law of cause and effect.

Every single item within the universe is relative and that nothing is separate. Therefore if you move your hand, you are moving this space which surrounds it and that space is connected to all space within the infinite universe.

Therefore all inanimate objects of the universe are all connected within the same space and occupy that exact same space or mind, there is no separation and so if you move your hand, you’re moving the space which is connected to all things.

Although for some people, this may take some getting your head around the idea or concept, it is however true. Everything that exists within the universe has always existed in one form or another or in other words, in its chemical or microscopic form and all things arise from this.

Human thought creates a movement no matter how minute it is, unless you are deliberately staying still but even then movement will follow.

All thoughts lead to movements or human behaviour and all movement and behaviour leads to further thoughts.

A movement or an action cannot take place without its original thought or its preceding thought. Any movement is the result of a thought.

We are all governed by a chain reaction of events from a cause. We are all subject to the universal law of cause and effect or effect and cause.

Once you set off movement or behaviour into the world, it will have a continuing ripple and it will keep travelling and having a knock-on effect way beyond your awareness and beyond your understanding of such a thing.

It is also said in metaphysics that all ripples that transfer outwards will have to return back to the source, the source being you or the human that created it in any life time.

According to the universal law of cause and effect there is nothing that happens by random chance, nothing whatsoever.

All output or actions have consequences and these consequences are either good or bad and may cause positive or negative influence or effect on yourself or others, hence the saying we reap what we sow.

According to our cosmic law of cause and effect there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action, as a result of thoughts or that action derived from.

All human thoughts which lead to words and expressions or output and consequently behaviour onto others create a ripple or a wave and this can be called energy whether you believe it or not.

And this includes whether you believe in religion or not or believe in a God or not.

If you drop a bouncing ball you will see the law of cause and effect take place right before your eyes.

There are many unseen chains or effects which resonate within this entire realm and this may travel further to more supple realms of existence or finer ones.

It is also said in many eastern or philosophical practices such as Buddhism or Hinduism that you as the being that generated or sent out the action into the universe will receive its consequences or its effect in one form or another and that you will never be able to escape the effect of your actions in time.

Therefore, it is specifically the intention that lies behind the action that is of greatest concern. If you are considered a good person and you inadvertently or accidentally caused an unintentional action which causes suffering and harm or death to another then this is not going to be consequential for you as it would be if you had deliberately caused the same action for satisfaction or revenge or pleasure and so on.

It is the intention behind the action that matters otherwise known as Karma.

All causes will have an effect on everything and anything within the universe which will then lead to further causes of other things and so the replication or chain reaction of events continues infinitely.

According to this law there is no such thing as luck there is only action returning to its source in the form of an effect.

If this is of any concern to you then the best course of action is to generate good simple actions, behaviours and thoughts which will create good fruit and sow further good seeds for the future.

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