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How to attract what you want!

How to make the Law of Attraction work for you to bring you positive rewards in life like financial gain or love?

Within this universe we are surrounded by many hidden laws such as the Law of cause and effect and the Law of gravity.

Amongst the many laws within our world there is the Law of attraction which very few people are aware of.

The Law of attraction is a name to describe like-for-like or like attracts like which could mean, that positive mental focus can bring positive effects or influences into your life the same as negative thoughts and feelings or influences could bring negative experiences into your life.

Now it goes without saying, using simple common sense and everyday logic, certain negative states of mind and behaviour will certainly attract negative states and/or experiences from around you and from others and there is always going to be a certain element of this which is part of the process of everyday life and the same can be said for positivity.

If you are positive, loving and kind you will attract positive responses from others because that’s what we all like and likewise if we’re negative critical and damning and abusive of others we will attract a defensive or appropriate response towards our output.

Here we are talking about the Law of attraction on other levels similar to the frequencies or energy that makes up everyday life. We are surrounded by different energies from a scientific point of view as opposed a new age view.

The Law of attraction specifically states that for every action there is a reaction somewhere in the universe, whether that be positive or negative and that all output from the source, ‘you being the source’ will at some time return back to that source, ‘you’ which is also believed in many Eastern philosophical practices such as ‘Karma’, or the law of cause and effect.

For every single moment in our everyday waking life we are sending out energy and we are interacting with the universes energy within time and space and that every single movement we make moves the universe because time and space, all space is not separate from ALL things and that ALL things are connected, therefore it could be argued that when you move your hand through air you are moving the space which is connected to all space infinitely.

In other words nothing separates you from all things and everything is relative.
The way your brain and mind works attracts and repels things for various reasons but the question that has to be asked is can mental focus and mental willing attract positivity or send out positivity or even send out negativity to another actually work?

There are billions of people in the world that believe in the benefits and power of prayer and even if there was no such thing as prayer really working, there would still be a belief in it that it does work even if it doesn’t, so whether there is actually any real benefit to prayer or just a belief that it works, it is still the same, if you believe it works then it appears to work because you will find justification and value and if you don’t believe it you will not find justification or value because you will have the answers to deny it or refuse to accept it even if the evidence is in front of you from others who swear by it, therefore there are those that believe and there are those that do not believe.

There are people who pray relentlessly for a dying loved one or a dying child endlessly, kneeling down praying with such intense belief and energy with their God and this will have a positive effect in someone ill. There can be many explanations for this even if there is no truth or benefit for the prayer and the same goes for negative curses and so on.

Belief can make this happen or can tear it apart as nonsense or hokum. Either way, there are laws within this universe that influence and govern us all the time and that there are as many people who will swear and demonstrate or prove the success and the benefits of the Law of attraction or positive thinking to bring forth a desired result and there are those who will swear demonstrate and prove the opposite that there are none.

How to make the Law of attraction work for you?
To set up the Law of attraction to make it work for you, you would clearly need a hold a positive mental belief that it will work or a hope that it will work and that you would need to remove any doubts before you proceed.

The process would involve internally visualising what you want to attract or even repel push away from you, so you are basically asking for this visualisation to come true or to come to you such as the return of a loved one due to a relationship breakup.

The paramount thing here is absolute and total belief.
Does total belief actually make it happen because you’re positive focus on wishing to receive the outcome is ‘pure’ or is it that you just believe it will happen anyway, we may never know but it does appear that if you wish to engage in the calling of positive energy or a positive outcome and you wish to attract a result, then total belief would be a good starting point, strong visualisation and seeing it actually happening and seeing it coming to you in all the fine detail also appears to be a requisite and finally being open to accepting, receiving it and feeling it coming to you, coming within you and acknowledging it before it actually does happen as if it is happening.

Sales people know about positivity, giving out positivity and a belief in their products and its success works. They make you believe that you want that product and that belief will transfer itself onto the customer and attract more sales to the salesperson.

This is just logical like for like and goes without saying, but extending this further outside of your immediate focus, the area that you can’t properly verify is another thing. The only thing that could possibly make this work would simply be belief and that belief will either make it work or lead you to believe it will work.

Positively and visually wishing and hoping for something to come to you by whatever means will sometimes work if it is achievable and even getting into that mind-set of positivity or hope can for most be a positive experience, a healthy and or healing experience filled with optimism and excitement and enthusiasm for the future in helping you achieve your goals.

The Law of attraction will teach you important lessons and can show you how to bring yourself valuable rewards.

It would be practical to say that if you write down a list of 10 items or 10 goals in order of preference you really need to make sure at least eight or nine of them goals are humanly possible or achievable within your life or capabilities before you start to go far out with other extreme requests.

Start off small and let the results that you know you will attain give you a buzz!
For example visualizing becoming an astronaut and visiting the moon is totally unrealistic and no matter how many hours you spend each day visualizing such an experience, it will never happen because it is totally unachievable and you know it is so if anything you are visualizing or willing falls into that same category of becoming an astronaut and visiting the moon then forget it, it’s not going to work.
A good rule of thumb would be, could that actually happen? And if it could then it might be worth putting down on your list.

In number one position on your list should be an easily achievable goal, something that with a bit of effort you will almost certainly achieve and once you do receive it, use that positivity of success to propel you to number two on your list as this will encourage you to keep going and throughout the day periodically visualise and just think of attracting it through to you and seeing it arriving towards you, feeling it happening.

There are many people who do this and they are flabbergasted at how successful they can be but again it could or would have just happened anyway and you may never know.

You are lassos unconsciously setting up things to make other things come to you without realizing it.

Whether you use relaxation techniques, drifting sleep or meditative practices, you would need to mentally visualise all the fine details of your goal and what you want to attract to yourself, to see it, feel it, hear it and experience it happening so it is becoming your new reality.

Throughout each day focus thoughts and feelings and intentions to attract or magnetise the thing that you want to come to you and believe it, remove all doubt or uncertainty, just believe it and it will appear to you to some extent or arrive unexpectedly!

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