Is There Life After Death?

What you can be sure about is what you DON’T know about death!

What you can be guaranteed of is that you will die, this experience of dying which you see and hear of others along with seeing funeral cars with a coffin in its rear passing you in the street is going to happen to us all, we are all going to experience that or at least from our viewpoint now, whether we know it at the time is another thing altogether!

The chances are high that all our deaths will be difficult ones, with struggling and possibly painful suffering. Most mathematicians would argue that the chances of a peaceful or even an unknown death such as unseen or instant are slim!

Either way, we’re all going to die. Most people switch off to this fact; most people are not in touch with it as it is an unpleasant or frightening inevitability.

Some people’s experiences are painful and traumatic when losing a loved one and it is then people start to take notice of what life is and what death is and it is within this period we learn especially if we struggle with the loss of someone close then we often seek answers which are mixed and conflicted from all walks of life especially religions.
What is after death?

What we do know is exactly what we don’t know and we can be sure of it – we don’t know, none of us know and that includes all the worlds religious followers irrespective of their type of religion, this also includes all atheists and anyone else in between.

People make decisions on which path to follow whether that’s casual or in-depth to their faith.

People choose to follow a belief or a practice but it is still only a belief and a very powerful one at that.

Many of religion believe it is more than a mere belief and will swear on it being a ‘knowing’ and is often backed up by personal communication or voices or signs from God and so on.

What one believes another will disbelieve. This information on what will happen after we die is the result of information being passed down through generations from documents and Scriptures and modifications made by each individual as each person interprets the data that is presented to them as to what will happen when they die.

For example Jehovah’s Witnesses who call at people’s houses do so because they choose to help guide you to their belief and for you to know that what they believe is right for you over your own belief in your own religion or even your atheistic belief.

Some Jehovah’s Witnesses will believe it’s more than just a belief such as calling or a path that was set down by a supernatural being or God and so on but if someone doesn’t believe in God or just doesn’t believe in that religion then their calling at one’s house early in the morning can evoke anger or annoyance at the cheek of these religious callers telling other people what is right which again only comes down to just their belief but – no proof.

The strength of one’s belief is enough to kill and is very powerful across the world but still it is belief and it is wrapped up in the title of ‘faith’ which is to believe in something without proof.

Blessed are those who believe before the proof!

The world is in conflict with religion along with politics, territories and boundaries along with ownership of land with war and immense suffering but still it is faith and belief and no one really knows what will happen when we die.

Not one single person on this planet now or anywhere in the past knows what will happen when we die except we only think we know.

All we believe we know, whether that’s delusion or illusion, defiance or arrogance or inflated ego, it doesn’t matter, it is belief. Many rational minded religious followers will agree with it that they don’t know and that they just choose to believe and not question it. Not many people can accept infinite and eternal nothingness or atheism!

What one believes will happen when we die is different from another and just on this fact alone that there is such an amount of mixed views and opinions is very telling and revealing of the fact that we don’t know.
The more mixed to diverse, contradictory and conflicting information arises from different cultures and belief systems then the more this reinforces the fact that no one really does know anything than we create or pass on to others through dogma, so it is fair to say that what we can be sure of is what we don’t know!

And it is also fair to say that what we can be sure of is that we are born, we live and then we die and absolutely everything within our entire life ends and comes to absolutely nothing almost as if it was pointless especially when it’s reflected with pain and suffering within the hearts and minds of those that are left behind or have to feel the loss for their departing loved one.

For many people that pain is unbearable especially after the first few days and once the death has sunk in, it is then the mourning that begins.
Some people believe we leave our bodies and enter a different dimension or realm of existence, a heaven, rebirth into another human life or animal, such as explained in reincarnation, others believe we go up or down to celestial libidinous places or to the hell realms and so on.

Many psychics and clairvoyants and especially mediums try to convince us of this, but science states after many careful laboratory explanations and experiments that mediums and psychics have definitely got a fine tuned skill to read the human being and information data which is travelling from one person’s brain through different frequencies as opposed to them actually picking up information from another dimension such as a spirit world.

Not one single person on this planet truly knows what will happen when we die but they do truly know in belief systems or what religions state.

Belief and ego are the most powerful things in the world and drive societies, cultures and religions further to replicate and reproduce, grow and advance through life with ever more increasing repetition of the same beliefs all going in the same direction but not one single shred of real evidence or proof. So belief and its varied content continue going round and round in circles.

We absolutely do know this one thing and that is we do not know what will happen when we die except how we observe and process it NOW from this living standpoint or viewpoint and it is from this standpoint we make all our judgements, assumptions and conclusions as we may not know it consciously anyway when it actually happens.

Human life would be difficult if we were to conclude that we all come to nothing and that everything is pointless and just comes to a dead end.
Is our knowledge and true experience of death and the afterlife really nothing more than what we view NOW?

Absolutely everything is discussed, explained and shared about death within this ever-changing moment NOW and when death actually arrives, each individual may never know it arrived therefore this moment NOW is the only true real moment to view death in unless something else comes along to prove otherwise.

It is only those who are NOT wrapped up in a belief system that know the answer to life after death based on this fact, that the sum total of all our understanding about death is only ever gained from this ever present moment as opposed to any real external or supernatural knowledge that has been actually given to us by another higher intelligence with real proof instead of relying on blind faith where the human race is forever fumbling around with ideas, notions and theories and never getting anywhere closer to the truth which has to be outside of any belief system.

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