How to Stop Hunger Fast

How to Stop Hunger Fast

Fasting combined with a healthy ketogenic diet will stop all cravings and hunger for food 100%.

How do you think people can fast for days or even a whole week at a time?

Are they in possession of amazing self-discipline’s that the rest of us weaker mortals don’t have?

No, they simply have caused their insulin levels to drop to the floor and when that happens the hippocampus in the brain switches off all by itself and stops sending out the hunger signal for you to eat.

Lowering insulin or switching it off by removing sugar and carbs from your diet is all it takes and hunger will immediately slow down and switch off. Lower insulin and your eating will slow down and stop.

Fasting is the healthiest practice known to humans and is thousands of years old!

Consult with your GP or medical doctor first before making ANY changes to your diet or adding a fasting practice to your life (Disclaimer below).

Fasting in a Nutshell

If you fast correctly all hunger for food will be switched off by your brain especially if you have switched to a keto diet.

The weight will drop off you rapidly. Your mind will become clear and your cognitive functions will be enhanced.

Fasting or intermittent fasting is one of the three healthiest things you can do for your body and mind, YES mind – neurons.

The purpose of this article relates to fasting for physical health and well-being and not for religion.

The details you are reading here are presented has a brief and broad general guidance and introduction only and not a step-by-step tutorial which you can find online such as utube or Facebook.

If your diet consists of mainly carbs and sugars then once eaten these foods become converted into glucose.

This glucose for a very healthy eating person would amount to about 1 teaspoon of sugar in the blood stream per day.

The majority of people who are not eating healthily have over 30 teaspoons of sugar in their blood a day. The purpose of your liver is to remove this sugar and keep it regulated via a hormone called insulin.

Although your blood sugars might look normal if tested, the rest of your system may be running on overdrive to remove the excessive amount of sugar out of the bloodstream and stored in fat cells and this is done with the help of your kidneys, liver and pancreas.

If you are overweight then you will almost certainly have a fatty liver which can cause you many complications.

Your main source of fuel is glucose and it would be fair to call your choice of food a glucose burning system.

If you stop eating sugar and carbohydrates and switch to a Keto diet, ketogenic diet which mainly consists of fat then your body will burn fat as your main fuel source and use the by-products of this fat consumption called ketones which your brain loves.

Your brain, cognitive functions, neurons, liver, heart and arteries love to run on ketones.

In order to run your body on ketones you need to cease all sugar and carbohydrates. No excuse!

Please avoid what’s called the dirty keto diet and only undertake a healthy version which requires you to eat a large bowl of mixed leafy green cruciferous vegetables or salad per day with your healthy fat meal.

About 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day which sounds a lot but really isn’t.

Keep away from keto diets that urge you to eat below 5 g of carbohydrate per day and stick to the healthy version which requires the above amounts of vegetables or salad a day and as long as you eat this number of vegetables or salad each day then you will be healthy and receive all the nutrients you need as well as taking the healthy supplements required.

Along with undertaking this diet you would ideally fast for 16 to 24 hours before eating a meal.

Once you become fat adapted and undertake intermittent fasting or even longer-term fasting you will find your insulin levels will rapidly drop to the floor and once this happens the hippocampus in the brain will switch off sending signals to say you’re hungry.

Simply put, as long as you come off sugar and carbohydrates (dirty food) then all your hunger will switch off 100%.

It is an amazing experience to be able to go for three days without eating without having any hunger whatsoever.

Along with the keto diet you should consume nutritional yeast, MCT/coconut oil, wheat grass and take daily a drink of lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar and sparkling water chilled.

This will clean out your bloodstream, arteries, especially the liver and remove all the fatty deposits and the liver backup and congestion.

A fatty liver and a congested backup system relates over 100 known symptoms in the body including diabetes and insulin resistance and those on the way to diabetes.

Medical doctors do not train in the area of nutrition and food effects on the body which is insane as eating the wrong foods and running on high levels of glucose leads to so many bodily complications that hospitals are treating every day of the year.

The bad foods we eat are poisoning our bodies. Every part of your body and brain will be contaminated by the junk you put into your system because of a food addiction.

This can be switched off within a week!

Short-term or long-term fasting is the new awakening trend around the world as people are realising fasting is the most natural thing you can do for health especially when you eat only one meal (onmad) a day because you only need one meal a day for an average lifestyle and if someone tells you this is not healthy, it’s because they don’t know the true workings of the body and nutrition, what the body needs in the way of nutrition, vitamins and minerals and especially what the body doesn’t need and what you should put into it.

And the folk telling you this eat dangerously and loading themselves with pizza, takeaways, packets of nasty processed junk foods which were made in a laboratory and off-the-shelf canned pasteurised foods, cakes and biscuits, sweets and chocolates five or six times a day and snacking between meals from morning to night as well as drinking ridiculously high calorie drinks such as heavily sugared up coffee and canned energy drinks full of caffeine and sending insulin through the roof and people have no idea how dangerous this is.


After 20 hours of not eating, your body will go into a state called autophagy and your body will start to clean up and eat all dead cells floating around in your body, arteries and organs at a microscopic and cellular level.

In other words, your body will start to activate an old ancient survival pathway which lies dormant within you because you’re burning glucose and once you switch to fat burning ketones, your body will run off this and along with fasting autophagy will kick in.

Fasting and keto combined will stop all cravings, hunger and weight issues.

The weight will naturally drop off you very fast and in the healthiest way!

Do your own research, before you embark on this journey.

Remember this must be a life style change and not a quick weight loss fix to get into a wedding dress or to slim down for an up-and-coming beach holiday!


This article along with all articles on this site are for educational and informational purposes only and must not be used or taken as a substitute in any form for any medical, psychological (mental) advice, medication you are currently taking or any alternative treatments without the prior advice, guidance and consent from your medical doctor. Please speak with your doctor first before making any changes to your diet or medicine as a result of reading any information laid out on this website or in this or any other articles.

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