How to burn body fat extremely fast

A high-intensity 10 minute cardio workout each day will burn off over a stone in 30 days if done correctly.

Diets generally don’t work long term because they often lead to a sense of calorie deprivation or denial of your favourite foods and if that is the case with the dieter, it is only inevitable that it will end with a sneaky jam doughnut which will then lead to another and within days you’ll be back off the diet back to where you were before you started.

It has now been scientifically proven that one 10 minute, high-intensity cardio workout (cardiovascular workout) will burn more fat off you than a 30 to 40 minutes jog or steady paced exercise workout. Providing the 10 minute workout involves high intensity for the full 10 minutes duration constant. It is this full 10 minutes non-stop cardio that burns extreme amounts of stored fat and calories off you.

This can easily be achieved at home on a daily basis in front of the television by purchasing and playing a DVD cardio workout which specifically pushes yourself to your limits in short bursts, there a few well known ones now on the market.

How does it work?

After the ‘essential’ initial warm up, you would slowly start to increase the exercising to a very high level or a very fast pace and then from that fast and evenly kept pace you would then take it to your absolute intense maximum and keep it at that maximum pace flat out for two minutes and then drop back down to the previous lower level which is STILL a very fast-paced state in itself and then maintain that pace for around two minutes to regain your breath, safe heart rate and composure and then go back up again for another two minutes to your absolute intense maximum, flat out and then again return back down to the lower previous level for a further two minutes and you do this for 10 minutes constantly until you literally drop.

If this is done correctly you will be soaking in sweat. A good indication of whether you have reached a high level of fat burning can be roughly gauged by the amount of sweat that is running into your eyes off your forehead, to the point where you cannot see and have to wipe it away.

Because this is only a 10 minute workout of high-intensity, it minimises the risk of boredom and stagnation which is commonly found associated with other general 30 or 40 minute workouts.

One of the reasons why so many joggers have headsets and music on is to cause distraction from the boardroom and internal voice that appears to say stop. The music motivates and creates stimulation and drive to keep going.

Just 10 minutes like this in front of the DVD workout which is designed to be run at high-intensity such as with the well known ‘Insanity’ or ‘10 minute trainer’ Shaun T, DVD workouts, will get you slim in around a month.

Do this once a day, seven days a week for two weeks then if it is at all possible, increase this to twice a day giving yourself two or three separate 10 minute workouts at this high level and then you will see the fat dripping off you in weeks.

This fat burning is faster than any other known fat busting methods and is now the new fat burning technique around, but works only if you are fit and well enough to handle it.

There is no doubt about this and can easily be achieved if you have motivation and determination to keep at it each day.

Having days off, not feeling like it, lethargy, laziness or just low mood will lead to failure.

Therefore, it goes without saying this really is only for someone who can motivate themselves and keep at it. 10 minutes a day is nothing out of the day’s schedule.

This method is for the able-bodied only and for those who are just semi overweight and fairly out of shape but still reasonably fit-ish and healthy.

This is not for the obese or seriously overweight who have no previous exercise experience nor is it for anyone with a weak heart or anyone suffering from illness.

To undertake this training method you need to be reasonably active already albeit in need of improvement.

Diet recommendation

A diet in good quality calories and carbohydrates and good fats is essential. Also a maximum of 2,000 calories per day must not be exceeded. No less than 1,500 calories ether, ideally around 1,800 calories per day to aim for, for both males and females.

Approximately six or seven 300 calorie meals must be aimed for, or five 400 calories meals.

Remember good calories are required to burn fat off and eating more small meals per day also reduces our evolutionary fat storing process.


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