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Toxic Foods that are Dangerous for Dogs

These foods are Poisonous to Dogs!

Still within the year 2015 dog owners are unaware of the dangers of certain foods that can cause sickness and death in their dogs such as chocolate as a common example.
Although most dog owners are now aware of the dangers of chocolate, there are still those who choose to ignore the warnings that we should never give a dog chocolate because it can result in liver failure and death after prolonged use.

There are many other foods that you should not give a dog as it will result in death either over a period of time such as few months or instantly within minutes.

A food that will cause death possibly within 10 minutes of ingestion are grapes as they will lead to kidney failure. In some dogs this may take weeks or months but there are many reported cases showing it can take 10 minutes after eating grapes because these are highly toxic to the kidneys.

Likewise, human chocolate is toxic to the liver and if given daily can result in liver failure and death within several months or so.

And again there are those dog owners who will swear that it is harmless and that their dog loves chocolate and they have been giving chocolate to their dog for years without ever being a problem. Of course there will be some dogs that just appear to not suffer any ill health as a result of certain foods like chocolate which can be toxic to both the liver and kidneys.

If you love your dog then don’t risk it, just give them a belly rub instead or better still a piece of lean chicken.

So chocolate is highly toxic to dogs livers and that’s all dogs livers.

Grapes and anything associated to grapes such as dry fruits which include sultanas, currants and raisins and this includes any food with dry fruit within them such as cakes and puddings.

Other foods which have been reported to be toxic to both liver and kidneys is onion powder and anything with onion powder in it such as gravy must be avoided and yes dogs love gravy.

Please note, there is conflicting information on the giving of onions and garlic to dogs or foods with onions within it where some people will say it is okay to give a dog onion or onion-based and garlic products.

There is conflicting information that states you can give garlic to dogs because not only do they enjoy it but it’s healthy for them but in high doses it is harmful and toxic.

There appears to be a mixture of conflicts on what is and what is not safe to give a dog to eat therefore if you’re in any way concerned about your dog’s health and well being just simply don’t give them anything other than pure and natural wholesome food and certainly never feed your dog from a tin as tinned food is full of nasty substances including artery blocking fat which can lead to heart attacks, this goes without saying that any form of animal fat is bad for all of us.

If in any doubt consult your veterinary surgeon for advice on what foods to avoid therefore you will have it from a qualified vet and not from online websites which may be misinformed or inaccurate.

One thing is for sure is that we know now that chocolate is toxic to dogs livers and will lead to liver failure if given over a period of months and all dry fruit can cause instant death in some dogs by causing kidney failure and some of this also applies to other animals such as cats but this information specifically relates to dogs.

There are several factors to be taken into account with foods which have been purported to be toxic to dogs and that is breed and body weight, what you give one small dog can be harmful but not for a bigger dog.

Also different dogs process toxins and poisons and metabolise foods differently or at different rates which makes the difference on how it affects their system. Different dogs will break them down in different ways before it turns into waste or sugars into usable energy.

If you’re concerned about the food you are giving your dog then please do some research don’t just trust what others say or what labels indicate as there’s been many instances where certain food contents within dog food has turned out to be poisonous and toxic and harmful to dogs years later and then banned.

Additionally if the below list does not contain a certain food, that doesn’t mean to say it’s safe. The list on this page is for information purposes only and must be treated has a rough guide only. If in doubt do not feed a dog anything that is not live and pure.

Please note the items at the top of this list are the most toxic and poisonous for your dog and other foods further down the list have been shown to be poisonous and toxic for some dogs and safe for other dogs. Common sense is essential.

  • Chocolate (Lethal)
  • All dry fruit (Lethal)
  • Grapes (Lethal)
  • Sultanas (Lethal)
  • Currants (Lethal)
  • Raisins (Lethal)
  • Apple seeds (Lethal)
  • Avocados.
  • Apricot pits
  • Cherry pits
  • Artificial sweeteners in certain sweet foods
  • Coffee in any form, beans etc. (Lethal)
  • Alcohol
  • Garlic
  • Onion (Lethal)
  • Onion powder (Lethal)
  • Gravy (Lethal)
  • Any kind of cooked bones as they will splinter
  • Raw bones can also be dangerous
  • Cat food is not safe for dogs (Protein levels are too high)
  • Fats and fat/lard trimmings can cause pancreatitis
  • Some raw fish can be lethal (Raw salmon and trout)
  • Citrus
  • Corn on the carb
  • Marijuana in any form
  • Cow milk and dairy products
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions and chives (Lethal)
  • Hops
  • Human vitamins supplements
  • Animal liver
  • Some nuts such as Macadamia
  • Persimmons
  • Rhubarb leaves (Lethal)
  • Tomato leaves (Lethal)
  • Plums
  • Peaches
  • Human biscuits (Containing nuts or dried fruit)
  • Raw eggs
  • Raw potatoes
  • Salt (They will lick and eat it)
  • Sugar
  • Tobacco (Lethal)
  • Yeast

If you are in any doubt please do your own research. This list is general and for guidance purposes only.

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