Climate Change Argument

Are we really destroying the planet, or is it happening naturally anyway?
We know that the billions of years the planet has gone through amazing catastrophic changes including the ice age, incredible heat events, meteorite damage, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis to name a few.

Most publicised political and scientific reports regularly confirm that the human race is destroying our planet and ozone layer by burning harmful fossil fuels that produce enormous amounts of heat trapping gases such as carbon dioxide within the atmosphere.

We know we have done this as the evidence is available all around us.
Scientist’s state that the Arctic warming is increasing 50% more than it is doing anywhere else around the world and that both the poles are warming faster than they should be.

Scientists have been stating for years that global warming is man-made and it is not a naturally occurring event although naturally occurring would not heat up Antarctica and melt the ice caps at the speed at which it is now doing.

Scientists have also proven that sea ice is reducing rapidly and that the krill that live on the algae and grow beneath the sea ice are rapidly disappearing.

When ideas appear that suggest that global warming is happening as a result of man-made events then people quite naturally become concerned, proactive and emotional. Once these alarming stories are produced in the media they seem to dig deep within the human psyche and evoke concern about the place we live in thus producing more need to be alarmed and concerned over the threats of this man-made global warming.

The media alone could be making it worse when actually it might not be that bad. In contrast to the emotional concerns of the climatological communities are those with opposing views that do not believe that man-made global warming is taking place and many think it all would have happened anyway.

This group of people against the belief in man-made global warming have a much more difficult time receiving a hearing from members of the public as their concerns are drowned out by the believers in man-made causes.

Even if man-made global warming isn’t really taking place and those that believe that it is actually a natural occurrence wouldn’t be listened to as much as those who were acting on information that we are responsible for the speed up of the melting ice in the Polar Regions.

This has to be taken into account if both sides of the argument are to be heard.

There are a huge amount of renowned experienced highly intelligent scientists within the climatological community that are convinced without any shadow of a doubt in the speed at which man-made climate change is occurring.

These are not just a few educated or sponsored scientists; these are hundreds of independent scientists from around the world collectively raising their concerns based on sound facts.

How much money do you think is involved if we had to change how we produce energy for personal use and living, travelling on roads, sea and air along with energy substations churning out energy by-products – many billions is involved?

Because it is in our nature to naturally and automatically run to assist anyone in need or danger, it is the same drive that promotes and motivates us to engage in concerns over the planet even if we don’t have the real facts at hand. It is easier to err on the side of caution and believe it is true based on the evidence we have gained from the media only and that climate change is really happening because of man-made reasons when in fact it might not be.

If it weren’t for the billions and billions of pounds and dollars involved there wouldn’t be an argument, most would be on the side of the man made side of this issue – because it is in out nature and interest to do so!
The contradiction comes down to an indescribable amount of money that would be involved and that is why the communities for and against are in conflict and what lies behind that are the consequences or the knock-on effect in changing this would have on the world – blame – we caused it all – money – money – money.

Money makes the world go around and it is so easy to simplify this as being one of the major deep down reasons as to the opposing argument. We naturally all want to be concerned and become concerned, we will naturally want to just go with this belief even if we don’t have a modicum of proper evidence at our fingertips – it’s in our nature to act on concern that something such as damage to our planet could be taking place because of our human needs to travel and heat ourselves, eat and so on.

The two sides of this argument will continue to bash their heads against each other’s and both are as powerful as each others are as one believes human factors are at the root of global warming and the other side argues it’s because of natural forces only.

There are tremendous amounts of evidence to demonstrate and show that natural forces are at work and likewise evidence that shows man-made constructions and lifestyle around the planet is the cause.

Solar changes and natural changes to the Earth’s orbit are part of the argument.

Everyone wants to be right, no one wants to be in the wrong because both sides have similarly opposing arguments and this will continue until one can conclusively dominate the other with proof.

Even if global warming is the result of natural events, we as a species who may be jumping to conclusions are doing the right thing because it is bringing out our care and nature concerns for other generations to come who will have to live on this damaged planet and that in itself is a good thing.

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