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Can the mind really heal the body?

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Can the mind really heal the body?

The answer is absolutely yes, the mind can heal the body and also the mind itself using various psychological techniques.

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between what’s really taking place and all the nonsense that is available online. The majority of descriptions and tutorials out there will fill your head with far-fetched ridiculous and unproven practices and all based upon belief only.

Let’s look at what’s really taking place in how to heal your mind and body with the use of your mind alone.

Here is a brief overview to help you understand how your mind works!

You have a conscious and unconscious mind. In other words, the mind that you are aware of NOW and another that you are NOT aware of which is totally inaccessible, it is hidden, it is invisible from your gaze.

The hidden or unconscious part your mind is working for you all the time in the background, non-stop and it is controlling all your body functions including your breathing, blinking, blood pressure, heart beat, body temperature etc.

In fact, it is controlling hundreds and thousands of parts of your mind and body all the time without your conscious involvement or without you knowing.

When the unconscious mind actually steps in to assist you, it will do so often automatically and instantaneously in a reflex type manner or action and will override your SAY SO on the matter.

This part of the mind does NOT THINK, it JUST REACTS based on the info it has stored up in your memory banks.

An example would be the speed at which you will let go of a hot item or shake off what appears to be a spider or an insect or even move out of the way to avoid a flying object that could hit you or even hit the brakes hard on your car.

You do this and much more in a split second without thinking.

You don’t think, you JUST REACT and this exact process is beneath all your life’s actions. This precise spontaneous and intrusive or overriding reactionary moment is so super fast it is for your protection, it decides for you.

We have evolved this way over millions of years and this reflex action process is totally connected to the evolutionary ‘fight or flight’ we are programmed with in case of danger.

This is your own minds computer at work.

These are not thought actions, you didn’t think them, they were unconscious actions, reactions, they were reflex actions, they were intrusions at the speed of light to protect you and take you out of danger in the fastest possible way.

It is your unconscious computer looking out for you all the time.

This part of the mind contains billions upon billions of pieces of data and information that you have taken in through your 5 senses throughout your entire life.

You were born with a blank screen or a blank canvas and even from within the womb you started to receive information from the environment and your surroundings through you’re newly forming senses, sound, touch/feel, smell, taste and sight.

Your unconscious mind is receiving information all the time, it is like a sponge that saps up and absorbs every single piece of absolutely everything that enters into your senses and stores it for the rest of your life as data that might be needed for your survival and or protection.

This process also hinders and harms us all.

It also stores up totally inaccurate information, misinformation and as a result, produces negative or incorrect faulty reactions such as emotional, psychological and physical symptoms and disorders, irrational fears and phobias to name a few of thousands of problems based on incorrect or faulty reactions.

Remember the unconscious mind does not think, it does not analyse, it just produces a response for you to act for good or bad.

To cut a very long detail short, this part of the mind contains many faulty and inaccurate pieces of information that is why we have unwanted sickness and illness, simply because the unconscious mind also cannot decipher or understand what is needed and what is not needed as it only acts upon the information it has received in your life time and if enough similar or associated pieces of correct or incorrect information are strung together by simple computer logic, then a reaction or symptom or behaviour or NEED will appear.

Each similar/related piece of information will reinforce the next piece over time without you ever knowing it and storing it in your memory banks for later use if required, thus leading to you having or developing an outward NEED to produce a certain or specific response which is either a correct needed or inaccurate reaction = the problem or symptom. Remember it also does you more good than it does bad!

The unconscious maintains that symptom or disorder possibly for the rest of your life because it does not know the difference between a wanted and an unwanted reaction. It only reacts, it only produces according to your stored up data or life’s learnt experiences.

Based on misinformation, if the unconscious mind believes you must have that symptom, disorder or ailment then it will maintain it and keep it there and any attempt to remove it will result in an emotional or mental conflict and or fight.

Within your mind you have something which is called your critical sensor or critical faculty or in other words a critical filter.

This filter is your standard analytical thinking and it stops most of the information that enters your senses from influencing or affecting you.

However, there are things that get past this filter and if data that passes through your senses into your unconscious mind gets past this filter then it becomes stored in your unconscious to influence or affect you and this is specifically what advertisers try to do and they are very successful at it.

When you reach out for a product on the shelf in the supermarket, you were influenced to make that choice by things that you are aware of within your own memory banks, by information you took on board from advertisers and you didn’t even realise it.

You may swear and argue that you are in total control of your choices, you’re absolutely not, you just think you are because you were totally unaware of this part of the mind and how vulnerable we all are of direct or indirect suggestion, however they appear to us.

It is this part of the mind that can offer you assistance in healing or repairing or even reducing a symptom or a disorder on your own.

So again, can the mind really heal the body and the answer is yes as long as you can set up a pathway of communication. You will gain results and the outcome or success of this will differ from person to person.

This pathway of communication is set up in two main ways one is through belief or placebo and the other is direct psychological technique or to put it simply, visualisation techniques.

If you can gain just 5% of an improvement in your ailment would that be worth proceeding with?

It has now been proven from psychological techniques that just belief alone can produce around a 30% improvement in sickness and disease of all kind.

If you were given a placebo or an empty pill by your doctor and told is that it will make you well and you did not know otherwise, then it could very well have a 30% improvement on your condition.

This is why placebos work and exist because if you believe this it will work, it will heal you and Doctors know this now. Belief is incredibly powerful and it makes the world go round.

When you are born with your blank canvas, your mind is an open sponge absorbing anything and everything especially throughout early childhood, because your critical sensor or your filter has not developed yet.

Many adult views and beliefs are built on the original childhood information that was taken on board simply because you could not naturally criticise or analyse it. You took it on board as a solid belief, a statement of fact, a truth and further information is then built on that original piece for the rest of your life.

Therefore, if you are told such and such a pill will work by a GP and you have no reason to question it, then it will work to some extent but if you have the slightest suspicion and just go along with it anyway then it will not work or at least only a little bit.

Placebo or belief, based on nothing more than just belief can be anything from 30 to 70% and in some cases 100%.

Built on top of this are practices of all kind including beliefs in energy use such as reiki or chi or cosmic energy and so the list continues.

First and foremost it’s your unconscious mind that will heal you and a pathway has to be formed to kick start your own mind and body healing process.

It doesn’t matter what the practice is, whether it’s a belief in a deity or energy, a pathway must be formed to carry the information to the correct place.

If you believe in an energy that is feeding you from an external source then it will be that which heals you and if you believe it’s your unconscious mind then it will be that which heals you and if you believe in prayer and it will be that which heals you and so on.

Because all these practices and beliefs and many more are doing one thing and that is setting up a pathway of communication from the mind to the ailment or sickness that you wish to improve on, reduce or remove.

It has been well documented that some people who have cancerous tumours that are faced with imminent death had entered into yogic or spiritual and meditative practices or even religious orders, gone up the mountain and then found the tumours completely disappear out of sheer fear of death. What motivation that is!

If the mind has enough reason then you can kick start it to do anything you want it to do!

It doesn’t matter what you believe, all ways will work to some extent. To what extent for each individual is absolutely down to each individual and no two people will be the same.

The bottom line is, your own unconscious mind heels your fractured or broken bones, you’re burnt skin, your cuts, gashes and grazes automatically anyway without any direct intervention.

It’s not cosmic energy, it’s not spiritual divine intervention, it is nothing mystical, enigmatic or from another plane or dimension. It’s your own unconscious mind or autonomic nervous system or whatever you want to call it.

It is important that you understand this. This is only a very basic draft of a very complex and beautiful process.

Visualisation Techniques

The vehicle or the tool that is used to carry the instruction or information is visualisation techniques. Visualisation techniques are number one for the setting up of this pathway or instruction from that part of your mind to feed that part of your body with the desired result and it is as simple as that.

Don’t make a complex and profound process complex; don’t fill your head with nonsense. Simply understand that the answer and the success lie in the simplicity of the daily visualisation practice and the keeping of it simple.

The below techniques are kept simple because that’s all you need and repetition of these simple techniques will lead to your success – now that you better understand this process, rather than just being told such and such will or may work if you believe in it – because someone says it will but not explaining why or how this will work.

Simply set this up for a good 30 minutes and then practice it for 10 minutes every day repeating the same thing over and over to make a change.

For the purpose of this document we are looking at physical or bodily sickness, ailments or disorders that you wish to heal, reduce or improve on.

Specifically knowing how the visualisation works will help you to visualise better, especially understanding the above outline.

Remember your unconscious mind is not only likened to a computer, it is an actual computer and also remember that all the computers around the world were created by the human mind collectively and all that creativity and inventive skill came from the creative unconscious.

The unconscious mind does not know between right or wrong good or bad, it only reacts, it can’t analyse or determine which is true or false, so you can use it to a good end by presenting ideas or instructions to it for it to serve you well.

Once you experience the benefits it will propel you enthusiastically to go deeper into this practice.

Through repetition, the repeating of the same visualisation techniques every day you will set a pathway of communication or a pathway for information to travel on toward the desired result namely the healing of a body part etc.

The possibilities are absolutely endless!

Remember the saying, be careful what you wish for or be careful what you curse or negatively state to yourself and others under your breath!

Even negative and critical self statements will pull you down.

It is important for you to understand that the human language or words we use are part of an internal network of pathways connecting thoughts and feelings together and are all built on unconscious scaffolding of the mind which is held up by the substrata below which is basically images, feelings and emotions.

The very earliest part of your life revolved around imagery through the sense of sight and everything is built on imagery and symbolism (Jung).

If you think in terms of words to heal the body using self statements or self-affirmations then this will have some effect but if you can convert your language or your words into imagery then the effects can be dynamite. Changing words into images around your sickness or disease or body part will lead your unconscious mind to deliver the instruction as you NEED it.

We visualise a body part healing and we see ourselves in our imagination ‘has’ already healed, ‘has’ repaired, ‘has’ recovered. We visually see ourselves well again.

Your own unconscious mind will work in its own unique way and it will translate what you do or how you work to bring about the desired result. Don’t get wrapped up in the process, just do it, just get on with it as there is no right and wrong way as such.

The procedure is as follows:

Find yourself in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Preferably lie down on your bed so your entire body can become limp and heavy.

You need to get into a relaxed state, a deep down relaxed state. You can use relaxing music or a relaxing CD or a self hypnosis CD.

You DO need to enter into a deep state of relaxation and this can be done in any way but you must be in a deep state of relaxation as this alters your awareness away from here and now.

Simply visualise yourself on the body part or sickness in question and say to yourself this is what I want to correct, heal and remove or improve upon.

Then visualise yourself healing and recovering by imagining an intense white healing light around the area of your body and send everything you can into that healing light and visualise it as vividly as you can and visualise the body part improving and recovering and send all the words and instructions you can into that healing light and imagine that healing light increasing and growing in size so it fills your entire room and surrounds your entire body and that light comes in through your head and travels down through every part of your body and penetrates the area in question with healing energy.

For some this may sound wishy-washy but as said above, it doesn’t matter how you do it because you are only setting up the pathway of communication by using this method.

Experience has shown that visualising healing white light penetrating the area in question is the best form of healing visualisation. Everything in the universe has light in it! We are all light.

Before you are critical and dismissive of this process which some are only because they just don’t believe it, bear in mind that the unconscious mind which is now working for you cannot tell the difference between a real or an invented imaginary scene.

Do you get that now?

This is why you can become scared when watching a horror movie because your unconscious mind starts reacting automatically with frights even though you know consciously it’s only a film and it’s all made up.

Based on simple facts that all hypnotherapists know about, you will gain and improve in your condition if you visualised yourself healing and recovering in a deep and relaxed state. Your unconscious mind will act upon what you are doing; it will take on board your request and your need.

You have to enter the deep relaxed state for your whole body to go limp. It is in this deep relaxed state that you become susceptible, suggestible and receptive to the visualisation or self statements in.

By practicing this process each day you will strengthen the pathway of communication with the information you are sending to that part of your mind or body.

It must be done in this deep relaxed altered state and not standing at the bus stop!

Remember, everything you ever learned throughout your entire life and everything you took on board for good or bad was taken on board through the same vulnerable, suggestible, susceptible and receptive open door that you are now opening again through this visualisation.

The deeper you can relax the less critical filtering will take place, in other words you will be analysing it and criticising it less.

Practice this every day seven days a week for at least a month.

There are many ways to enter into a deep altered state of relaxation and you could quite easily purchase a deep relaxation or self-hypnosis CD off Amazon.

Other ways of relaxing are:


Yogic relaxation techniques.

Alexander technique.



Book a hypnotherapy session.

Try not to be greedy and expect too much too soon! Think in terms of moving forward in small increments at a time and build upon that.


This information has been provided as a form of guidance and for information purposes only. The information in this document must not be relied upon as being accurate and current up-to-date. Please undertake your own research to validate this content.

This information has been provided to assist with self-development or has an eye-opener to help you consider changing your way of thinking in order to improve your health and well-being.

Please consult your doctor or GP before making any changes to your diet and medication intake. Please consult a qualified and professional health care physician before taking on board any of the advice and suggestions in this page. This information is theoretical only.

Whenever in doubt always seek professional medical advice.
We accept no responsibility in any form whatsoever.

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