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Learn how to enter into tranquil states of deepest relaxation!

Autogenic training , also known as autogenics (AT) was first created by a German physician by the name of Johannes Schultz in 1932.
Autogenic training specifically teaches you how to create the DEEPEST, profound and most glorious states of relaxation both mentally and physically throughout your muscular being and will produce mental states of profound calmness , stillness and peace the nicest that you have ever experienced in your entire life.

There is no other therapy or practice and that includes deep meditation or hypnosis that can produce this depth from a laypersons point of view or approach on your own.

If you are nervous, on edge or suffer from anxiety or any anxious related symptoms or have any difficulties in social scenarios or even lack in confidence then autogenic training will change that for you by creating control over your feelings and emotions, fears and insecurities which everyone has – but totally hides.

Once the depths of warmth, heaviness and calmness are achieved through autogenics, you will be able to control the arising negative thoughts and feelings within you. These you are unable to do right now because you are unfamiliar with the state of mind that you are currently in/the mental platform you are on which allows intrusive states into your awareness such as seemingly unnecessary nervous reactions or defensive responses to people or the environment in everyday life.

Once the required depth is achieved, the world is your oyster, then you can achieve literally anything with the level of control and calmness and confidence you will have gained – but it does require work, continued work over time.

You will see positive results within at least one week and you will become calmer and clearer to deal with life’s obstacles and the negativity that surrounds you, including your inner feelings and thoughts which may be hindering you.

This tutorial is practiced on your own at home alone.
Autogenic training is a practice or a technique that guides you to alter and change your body and minds interaction with the environment and guides you to control your heart beat and breathing and the ultimate goal is to enter into deepest states of relaxation and lower or eliminate what we call stress, which is a word to describe a conglomeration of anxiety related negative responses unique to you, whatever they may be, you know them intimately because you guard them from prying eyes.

There are chemicals in your brain which arise through habit and repetition along with triggers to environmental factors or influences and unconscious patterns of behaviour and responses which are basically telling you to become anxious or stressed. There are many things that make this happen, it’s not just one thing.

Autogenic training reverses this process so that when you encounter both internal and external influences or triggers which will basically upset you, you will be able to react differently through training and respond with a calm rational manner or approach, even though you cannot stop an arising thought or feeling, you can redirect or change it.

Autogenic training is safe and healthy and it produces new states of awareness or consciousness which will lead to emotional psychological and physiological alterations within you and is all part and parcel of autogenic training and its process.

The main starting part of autogenics is progressive muscular relaxation techniques (PMR) and this involves relaxing and tensing each body part to become heavy and still, leading to daily and weekly mental practice on dethatching each body part/limb from the rest of the body and relaxing it in the most deepest and profound way possible and by applying deep mental focus onto each body part.

This training can result in a reduction of many kinds of symptoms, disorders and addictions by completely changing ‘the state’ from which these states arise within you.

If you are a troubled soul suffering from sickness, symptoms or illness or psychological problems such as depression and anxiety then autogenics may help to change your life, however it’s not a one hit wonder and you can’t just do it for a few days and expect it to work.

It is a lifetime change, it is something you have to put your heart and soul into and become passionate about on a daily basis, a few minutes each day several times a day must be practiced so that it becomes a part of you and your life.
The same few minutes a day you spend stuffing your face with toxic junk food, fat , sugar and chemicals to gain a change, a lift or buzz.

Many people who practice things like yoga or tai chi will either do it short-term or long-term and it is within this probationary period or trying it out period that one discovers it is or it isn’t for them based on many factors that deter them or attract them towards or away from it.

If the training is practiced correctly then it will be with you for the rest of your life and at the deeper levels of practice it can remove many symptoms and disorders by changing the very deep unconscious platform from which these things arise and are built on within you.

This can be practiced alone without any attachments to spiritual or religious practices or orders. It simply starts as a practice of just deep relaxation at home on your own and then develops further once you start to experience the benefits which are absolutely amazing and life changing.

Ask anyone who is a full-time practitioner of autogenic training and they will agree and won’t exaggerate. Kidding or fooling oneself is not part of AT. Join ANY online forum, message board and learn more!

Autogenic training is simply a series of psychological, practical and physiological changes and approaches which will lead to both mental emotional and physical healing.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more or we can provide you with a low cost home learning distance learning course in this subject.

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