We create our own monsters!

We do create our own monsters!
What is it going to take for politicians to change the way they treat members of the public, their voters?

Most politicians would argue that they don’t need to change much and that they believe they’re doing a pretty good job to the best of their abilities.

Politician’s world over and especially in the United Kingdom and the USA are not doing a good job by most people’s standards and current unmet expectations.

Yes, there certainly are a few good politicians, hard-working, decent and honest but even they are tarred with the same fake and pretentious brush as the bad ones are, which leads people to need to do that simply because of the way politicians have made the people feel.

Over the decades politicians have demonstrated, time and time again constant deception, double standards, lying and cheating, manipulation, backstabbing and hypocrisy and that’s just the tip of their manipulative, persuasive and coercive iceberg.

Generally speaking, politicians constantly rub the public up the wrong way by saying one thing and doing another, in other words changing their minds and doubling back or u turning and breaking those promises that they swore they would maintain if they were given a chance to take power and this applies to most of the main parties.

For decades politicians have lied to the population and if you ask most every day hard-working people what they think of politicians, most will say they are liars who will tell you anything to get your vote.

Politicians lie through their rehearsed smiling teeth to get our votes and once they gain our votes they let us ALL down, they let us all down over and over year in and year out!

Additionally, they will never answer a straight question with a straight answer which also angers the public because they’re really good at wriggling out of ANY blame, whereas the rest of us are not.

How can they wriggle out of being found out or be put on the spot almost caught red-handed when the rest of us can’t, as it were?

In general, members of the population who vote for their leader and are then let down again are left feeling powerless and helpless as to how they were duped again!

This behaviour of politicians can be interpreted as saying that the public are just gullible and stupid and they’ll believe anything they are fed by highly skilled communicators!

Along comes Trump!

Out of nowhere, who apparently is now bringing NEW hope and change to the masses in a way that other politicians could not.

How is this happening?

What is it going to take to change a politician?

The answer is the power and success of Trump.

Whether you like Trump or not and whether you agree with him, he is growing in power and popularity. He is a very successful expert in what he does.

The human race needs to be led, it is in our evolving and animalistic nature to be either followers or leaders in life and we need to look up to a leader and have idols, etc. It’s our nature; it’s our psychology to be led by an alpha.

If Trump is successful and he becomes president then the politicians will be looking at his success and how he did it including the pathway he travelled to get there.

Trump’s current success is due to many things and the main area of his success is the result of the dire treatment people have experienced with all the lies politicians have fed the masses.

It would be very fair to say that people have had enough and Trump is bringing them new hope.

It’s Trump’s success that will force politicians to look at the way they are treating the masses and again it’s the lies, the double standards, the broken promises and their constant skilled avoidance of direct questions with offset answers which people can’t stand, people detest that ducking and diving politicians do and it is these basic things built up over time that have contributed to the masses listening to Trump now which is growing like a huge snowball.

Trump is delivering, giving out the right content and the public are responding thus returning the feedback and a circuit is now being formed where one is feeding the other and it’s working.

He is hitting the spot and he is growing, adjusting and specifically adapting to what the public need and what the public need to hear and subsequently then feel.

Whichever way you look at it, Trump is successful, brilliant in business and a genius at what he does but he does have a hint, just a hint of something that the powers that be, consider dangerous and if he gains power, he could set a precedent for others to follow through that same dangerous door.

You know what that door is!

Whether you love him or loathe him, he is bringing new fresh hope and energy for change that people want and need on many levels. It may be a risk but it’s a better risk with Trump than to continue trusting in the other politicians who’ve let us all down.

Over time the politicians have collectively made this happen. You know you have and this could be your lesson to change the way you treat members of the public.

No matter what the population does they can’t change politicians or even upset them but Trump’s success will.

Trump’s success will get to the politicians very badly!

We create our own monsters!

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