The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

If you have a lifestyle that consists of smoking and drinking, drugs and eating nasty junk food with high levels of animal fats, sugars and salt and avoid healthy wholesome foods such as fruit and vegetables then this article will probably be of no use to you or even scare you!

This type of food intake or lifestyle is toxic and will result in ill health in due course for sure – just look at the state of peoples health nationally.

Those people who have decided that they want to improve their lifestyle, health and diet by using an alternative to sugar such as sucralose, aspartame, splenda or any of the other artificial powder or pill form fake sugars are being misled possibly on the dangerous side.

Most people’s response to comments and claims like this are often called scaremongering, over exaggeration or trying to sound dramatic and that people will often say prove it or why has the government not stepped in to stop it if it is so concerning or dangerous for our health?

The answer to that would be the government or the approved health food standards agency sets what it calls safe guidelines and advises that you do not exceed certain amounts of sugar, salt or fat in your diet, and intake five pieces of fruit and vegetable per day and include at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise such as a brisk walk.

Just the recommended safe 5g of salt (a teaspoon) a day alone is far too much and these substances will lead to ill health in time.

The time has come to stop arguing it. It is now fact.

For example on the one hand a bar of chocolate is safe in moderation when actually it’s not but we do love it and it is delicious BUT it is not safe to our health and leads to serious sugar addiction and long-term health consequences if we eat more of it.

If it were just one bar now and again that would be fine but one bar will lead to a sugar crash or sugar drop which triggers off high unnatural hunger later in the day.

A simple piece of food like a bar of chocolate will trigger off unnatural cravings and lead to more chasing after more sugar – it is as simple as that.

Most people don’t realise this that when you feel a hunger, you are in effect chasing after sugar because you are unknowingly addicted to it.

Granted, saying a bar of chocolate is seriously unhealthily is the extreme in views but it is what it leads to such as gorging on more junk food later and we’ve all been there?

Eating fake sugars or artificial sweeteners has been dangerously linked to cancer and leukemia in particular.

Much scientific research has there been undertaken and is available online in the droves on this subject of artificial sweeteners.

The product ‘splenda’ has been downgraded from its safe category to one of caution by the Centre for science (2012 London cancer conference).

Currently in 2016 splenda the artificial sweetener which millions of people have used for years has been further downgraded now to the avoidance category and is in 6,000 food products on our supermarket shelves.

The most popular artificial sweetener on our supermarket shelves is the nasty ‘aspartame’ which is the worst of all the artificial sweeteners on the market today.

Diabetics and those who are health-conscious looking to improve their health and lifestyle by finding alternatives to sugar cane have been misled in the belief or promotion that aspartame and it’s relatives fake sugars are safe when in fact they produce the opposite effect to safe health and weight loss.

When we consume standard sugar-cane this plays havoc on our body and messes up our natural blood sugar levels and functions, hunger triggers, insulin production and insulin sensitivity etc.

This is a known fact and abuse of this consumption of sugar is deadly and will lead to ill health.

Aspartame is worse and messes up this process far greater than sugar ever does. In other words aspartame is less safe than sugar and worsens insulin sensitivity including accelerating, promoting and causing further weight gain in several different ways.

Artificial sweeteners are in thousands of food and drink products that you buy off the shelf each week and if you’re lucky you’ll get through life without the effects of ill-health, that’s if you are lucky, is it a risk worth taking?

And here is the concerning fact.

Food industry agencies and groups are doing all they can to hide the presence of artificial sweeteners in certain foods, using skilled designers to create labels which comply with legislation but play with your eyes and bury certain words so that you don’t see words like aspartame and similar fake sugars on food product labels.

Clever thinking and manipulation of label presentations and display of food ingredients is rife and you’re eating the poison within the processed foods that you buy.

Just giving a child a colored sweet milk drink will send their metabolism and system into chaos and once they settle down they will LATER have cravings for more sugar and more brain stimulating foods. Most mothers know the direct link between irrational and unreasonable or emotional behaviour and their sugar fix whether that be artificial sugars or real sugars.

Harmful ingredients are in the food you eat and clever designers are going to great lengths to hide the ingredients that are linked to the now known harmful effects.

The bottom line is artificial sweeteners do not assist or help you lose weight whatsoever and they do more harm than good.

Artificial sweeteners fool your body and brain into thinking you’re getting the sweetness so you won’t need the real sugars, it’s the other way around – it’s the calories your body and mind chases after.

Your appetite regulating hormone called leptin is released when you eat the required amount of calories that your body needs and then that is the end of that and you feel full (the brake is on to stop the hunger) but when we eat artificial sweeteners which contain no calories at all your brain knows you’re not getting the calories that you need and does not shut down your hunger (or apply the brake) in fact it makes it worse so you find yourself eating more or especially drinking more Coca-Cola or crazy fizzy drinks almost bordering on insane cravings = Red Bull 10 spoons of fake sugary substitute.

Zero cal Coca-Cola is super high in aspartame and loaded with toxic poison!

Your brain has a pleasure pathway related to certain feel good chemicals that becomes activated by the sweet taste of artificial sweeteners but there is no brake to apply and this pleasure pathway has been opened or activated and it keeps you wanting more because the calories don’t arrive into your system to switch it off.

It’s just one of many ways artificial sweeteners can make you put weight on.

Artificial sweeteners are in effect tricking your body into believing that you are receiving sugar or calories but the calories are not entering your system therefore your body and brain keeps signaling that you must need more which will result in other cravings for similar related and associated foods such as carbohydrates and often bad carbohydrates at that such as pasta or the local chip shop servings.

There are all sorts of diseases, sicknesses and illness associated to the consumption of artificial sweeteners such as cardiovascular health problems and strokes etc.

Do your own research, it won’t take any more than five minutes to find backup sources of information online to support this brief overview on the dangers of artificial sweeteners.

Research into this area is well established for 30 years and more evidence and findings keeps emerging.

Artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite beautifully so that you eat more foods and create an outright metabolic dysfunction at different levels which will increase cravings for bad carbs, you know that craving and you know it intimately, we all do!

Artificial sweeteners will produce fat storage, fat promotion, meaning your body will create and manufacture fat thus leading to more weight gain.

Under the microscope artificial sweeteners are the result of scientific manipulation of molecules that do not occur in nature which results in the body’s inability to properly metabolise them.

Insulin levels are raised considerably after ingesting artificial sweeteners.

The entire body and its functions are affected by artificial sweeteners and at best will cause irregularity around hunger, insulin production, blood sugar level crashes, cravings and just downright mental thinking/feeling/visualising of sugary delicious junk foods.

Live on it for a month and see how it will change your diet automatically and how you will slowly develop a taste for more stimulating nasty foods, it will creep up on you and you may say how did I get here eating all this? Sound familiar? We have all done it and we all know it!

To break free from the sugar addiction is essential for good health. Try furnishing your body with more healthy foods such as better fruit and vegetables and a balance of good quality natural whole foods with less processed junk and plenty of daily exercise.

Avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost.

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t live without that sugar hit then at least go for natural sugars which are NOT going to harm your body such as high-quality manuka honey or high-grade maple syrup.

Yes these will also mess up your hunger triggers but at least they are the safest form of sugar that you can consume and honey and maple syrup will not physically harm you.

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