How to raise your Vibrational Frequency

A Comprehensive Student Guide Introduction to Vibrational Frequency In fact, it is the higher energy frequencies that connect you to your spiritual body, enhancing your intuition and inner guidance. Spiritual leaders and meditators have always taught us love and kindness. When expressing sentiments such as love, harmony, compassion, and useful energy, we become aligned with higher states of energy. Doing … Read More

Meditation can change your life

Still the mind and body and you will have million-fold Ayahuasca! Practising daily meditation for just 30 minutes a day can be life changing. As is often said by the mendicants and yogis of India, the Japanese Soto Zen masters of Buddhism and the esoteric teachers in Hinduism that no amount of DMT, magic mushrooms, LSD or the shamanistic Ayahuasca … Read More

How to Develop Daily Mindfulness

Ways to Develop Daily Focus and Mindfulness Have you ever felt that life is going too quickly for you? Do you feel as though you could benefit from taking a slower, more focused and more reasoned approach to life? Most of us have at some point felt that things are getting on top of us, suffocating us, and have been … Read More