Reptilian Theory Explained

Reptilian Theory Explained

What is Reptilian theory?

Explained in the most basic terms.

Firstly it’s important to point out that we do not support or agree with the belief in reptilian theory and simply present it here for entertainment and/or educational purposes.

A lot of places that present reptilian theory, popularised by David Icke, do wish to distance themselves from it for credibility purposes.

David Icke is a conspiracy theorist who states that we are all being influenced and controlled by shape shifting reptilian aliens who take on the human form. It is believed that these aliens are controlling the Earth and manipulating politics and Society’s all over the globe.

There are several million people who believe in reptilian theory within the UK and there are over 12 million people in the USA who carry this belief not to mention the rest of the world.

The human being does need to believe in something especially if it’s related to life after death or a continuation of their life. There are many reasons for this and one of these main reasons, is that we find it difficult to believe in nothing, atheism or to accept that this is all there will ever be and that when you cease to be, your death, you will never experience life again.

This for many people cannot be accepted therefore we create beliefs in the most amazing, vivid, intellectual and imaginative ways. There are countless numbers of theories and beliefs around the world and not one of them can be conclusively proved especially by scientific evaluation/tests and yet the conspiracy theories and beliefs continue including life after death and various Gods etc.

David Icke is a very profound an intelligent man who will even admit himself that many people believe he is mentally disturbed.

David Icke was originally a BBC sports writer in the UK and is the author of many books in particular the ‘biggest secret’ which makes compelling reading.

Icke states that the world and our societies are controlled by aliens otherwise known as humanoid reptiles – scaly little fellows with a reptile type appearance!

It is believed that these reptilians live among us and are disguised so we cannot directly see them and we are heavily influenced by them.
Some people believe they traveled here from other galaxies thousands of years ago whilst others believe they evolved here on earth. Either way, they are apparently hiding themselves from our reality or live on another frequency or dimension and that they have inter-bred with the human being and interfere with our genetics, our DNA for their gain.
Our DNA has been changed so that we cannot and do not use our brain to full capacity. Science has already demonstrated that we only use a small percent of our brain capacity.

Our perceptions and consciousness has been limited thus making it easier for us to be controlled by these scaly aliens. At this stage is important to point out from a scientific point of view that ALL we do carry reptilian genes within our brain.

Some people who have strong reptile DNA within their genetic structure are easily influenced and controlled or possessed by the reptilians that actually live outside the fringes of our realm of awareness in another dimension which is interspersed with this one. Apparently there are seven dimensions of existence realms and this Earth is level 5.

It is believed that the reptiles or aliens live in a lower dimension to this one called the fourth dimension so that we cannot see them.
They have power in every single part of the world and that we as a human race are imprisoned and divided up by lines or countries.

It is also said that another way in which the reptilian aliens control us is by entertaining us with the media and politics or political persuasion and influence including making us all stupid to some degree, lethargic and poisoning our water, air and contaminating our foods.

Whether there are reptilian aliens or not, what we do know is that these things are facts and are true as our food and water is contaminated and we are influenced by politics and the media and it would be fair to say that a high proportion of us are stupid by the way we conduct ourselves in everyday life. It is also believed that by controlling us or limiting our consciousness or perceptions, we are most easily controlled to believe what they want us to believe.

These aliens have contributed to the installation of world leaders throughout the ages which in turn has influenced specific historical events which led to tragedy and or success in our world growth and development as a species. It is said that these shape shifting lizards control politics around the world even the Royal family, media and television.

At this stage most levelheaded and logical people will agree that anyone who believes in this theory especially without any proof is mentally unwell and may need help!

David Icke absolutely swears in his belief and offers profound amounts of what he sees as proof for the theory of reptilian alien control which stems right back into the Bible regarding Adam and interbreeding or crossbreeding between a reptile and a serpent – you get the idea!

The school of thought is that these reptilians or humanoid leaders do not carry emotion or empathy therefore they will influence us to be affected or suffer for the purpose of controlling us by any means and to subjugate the human species.

Most of the theory would be considered ludicrous and almost crazy to believe in such utter rubbish, especially without any proof but here’s the thing – everything David Icke says does make sense to logic and reason and this is why millions of people believe in this theory which has parallels with the Bible, UFOs and abductions.

What do we say?

There is not one shred of proper evidence to prove any of the reptilian theory the same as UFOs.

Let’s pretend there is no such thing as anything like UFOs or even life after death and let’s pretend that we would have to invent these beliefs or this conspiracy of reptiles for the sole purpose of giving us hope or to stop us thinking or dwelling on the inevitable negative ceasing of being/death, then where would these beliefs or conspiracies reside or survive if we had to create them?

Let’s just say for arguments sake!

They would have to reside or exist just on the fringes of . . . . .
just on the cusp of . . . . . .

with just enough information to keep the belief going but not enough information available to prove and tear it down, because if it were torn down or proven then it would dissolve. These beliefs can only exist on the edges of logic and reason where there is difficulty in providing proof or no proof, just that grey area where it sort of makes sense but still NUTS at the same time, some believe, some don’t.

One can’t extinguish the others argument. One cannot raise enough information to completely quench the others belief!
The others still believe . . . . . .

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