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Natural Ways to Treat Depression

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Alternative Ways to Treat Depression & Low Mood!

20 Natural Ways to Treat Depression & LOW Mood!

What would you say is the highest group of suicides, bearing in mind that most or nearly all people who commit suicide are suffering from severe depression?

Would you say its bullied teen’s?

How about those suffering from chronic illness or despair?

What about alcoholics or people with addictions?

Or could it be people with severe money worries or debt?

No, it’s none of these!

It is psychiatrists!

Psychiatrists, doctors and GPs are the highest group of people who commit suicide!

Isn’t that amazing and it absolutely says everything about psychiatrists. The rest you can leave it to your imagination as to why this might be a case.

According to the medical profession and within the world of psychiatry there are several categories or classifications of depression such as these few:

Clinical depression.

Manic depression.

Bipolar depression.

Psychological depression.

Chemical depression.

These classifications are certainly required within the world of psychiatry and the medical profession for identification and treatment purposes however outside of their world in other therapies this is nonsense labels.

Anyone wishing to defend the medical and psychiatric professions need to bear in mind the amount of psychiatrists who commit suicide which suggests serious disturbance of thought and mind therefore are their judgments and labeling and patient diagnosis or evaluations to be fully relied upon as correct especially over others views of depression?

Also bear in mind that very few people have ever died during talking based psychotherapy type treatments but thousands a year die in hospitals and through the medical or psychiatric profession per yer especially those who are on hard medications!

Depression is caused by the unconscious mind and what is contained within the unconscious mind.

Another nonsense.

I repeat, another complete nonsense is stating depression is due to genetics and that it has been inherited through your genes again this is make it up time on the part of those that think they know but don’t.

From the curative hypnotherapist’s point of view all depression no matter how it occurs is a problem of the unconscious mind and that by locating and correcting the cause of it, the depression will disappear all on its own and this fact is based on a lifetime’s experience practice and knowledge in a field that is often dismissed and clearly misunderstood.

The most simple thing can cause symptoms and if the unconscious mind believes you need that symptom then that symptom will be put in place by yourself and if you take drugs or medication or antidepressants your unconscious mind will fight to put it back, this is why when you come off the antidepressants for depression, that depression will return with a vengeance far stronger and greater and ask anyone who is on antidepressants how terrifying it is to come off those drugs due to the despair and sickening anxiety that will appear.

People believe that something so simple cannot cause depression and there has to be some profound trauma or even abuse at the base of it. NO, it is scrappy bits of inaccessible related info, stored within the unconscious mind that is the root cause of why you have depression.

Generally there are two types of depression. There is the depression that will take a person to the depths of despair and possibly suicide or a lifetime of heavy medication.

Secondly there is a depression which most people have experienced at some time in their life which can swing from mild to strong.

For some people who have experienced severe depression, they will often scorn on the generalised and misuse of the word depression and as they see it, people are using the word depression incorrectly to describe general low mood or feeling fed up or sorry for oneself and just feeling flat and so on.

Chronic and severe depression is so bad it’s outside the realm of description and anyone who has experienced it will agree they fully understand these words.

The worst kind of depression is outside the role of language understanding and the use of words to describe it is so chronic and severe without medication you would not survive it. Ask anyone who has spent years heavily reliant on pharmaceutical products or antidepressants and most will agree that if it weren’t for the medication they wouldn’t be here now.

The mind is creating the depression ‘STATE’ which we call depression and the medication is trying to switch it off or block it and for those people on medication for depression, it will be a constant battling in conflict with the two poles throughout.

For the purpose of this article we are going to look at simple and natural ways of treating depression or at least addressing it. The word ‘addressing’ it would be a good generalised word to describe a natural non-synthetic or non-medication process.

Although this won’t work for some, it will for many so why not give it a go!

There are many natural methods to change your awareness or raise your mood throughout the day.

Although it goes without saying, there are many people who have never stopped to look at why they are feeling the way they do or why they may be depressed. For some, looking within is not possible.

To understand that would be to consider that your depression is the result of other things in your life, things you are not even aware of.


Look at things in your life which are painful and carefully bring them out and examine them and try to apply a new understanding or a new light to them by examining the parts that are hurting you. This is why talking things through with a friend is important hence the saying – things bottled up, a problem shared is a problem aired.

Bring up the things you don’t want to look at as long as it’s safe to do so and examine and explore those painful feelings and emotions and try to apply some rational logic to them. If there are areas in your life where you find it difficult to face or confront then that is telling you something. Be honest with your thoughts and your feelings and admit to yourself how such and such really is.


Ensure you have a good balanced diet. Diet is important and that you have all the right nutrients, and don’t skip meals. Eat really well and try to keep the foods within the low sugar index which can be found on the BUPA website. Keep your blood sugar levels balanced.


Push yourself both physically and mentally through exercise in some form. Ensure you are getting at least one decent or rigorous exercise workout per day.


Eat plenty of foods which are rich in fish oils, nuts, seeds, bananas including good oils and healthy fats along with any food that is high in serotonin. Search online for a serotonin supportive diet.


Try to cut down or keep away from alcohol, and especially high doses of caffeine. Keep away from high sugary junk drinks such as Red Bull which contains 10 spoons of sugar per large can and is absolutely ridiculous and wrong.


Under the advice and guidance of a professional you could try homoeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, flower remedies and the like.


Join a gym, take up dancing, aerobics, cardio and or weight training, martial arts. The point being here is you are joining a group to be amongst other people in some type of self-development class for self improvement.


Exposure to sunlight it is said by some people who rate it as being very effective in increasing mood and well-being as it increases vitamin D daily within your system. There are such devices available which can generate light of your tabletop. Check out Amazon for ‘natural therapy light boxes’.


Join a yoga class and discuss with your tutor that you suffer from depression and you will find most yoga instructors have a beautiful approach to guiding. You won’t be the first they have helped.


Go swimming with dolphins. There are centres around the UK which provide this service for depressed people. It is said by those who have gone swimming with dolphins to be very beneficial in alleviating depression.


Drink a least 1 to 3 nutria blasts per day of pure nutrition and fill them with all the natural wholesome food you can find. Get busy in looking after yourself!


Book an aromatherapy session for all over body massage.


Book a deep relaxing hypnotherapy session.


Learn deep meditation and practice it daily.


Try learning self hypnosis, deep relaxation and visualisation techniques.


Join a laughter class in your local area. Laughter classes or laughter groups are designed to release negative energy and lift mood with like-minded people.


Join a Tai Chi class.


If you’re living alone, you could consider buying a pet such as a kitten or a puppy dog but do your research first and make sure it’s the right decision for you and the pet.


Book some sessions with a counsellor and talk it through.


Look online and find a suitable group of people that you can join that will help you with your thoughts and feelings to give you a lift and support you. For example, if you are lonely a group for lonely people might be ideal for you and for some people this is life changing.

Try to avoid joining a depression group unless you check them out first. Depressed people aren’t always the right people to be mixing with if you are suffering from depression as you may pull each other down the pit.

Remember . . .

Because depression can be life changing you may need to change your life in many areas to address the symptoms you are experiencing. Depression isn’t just one thing, it affects your whole body and mind and lifestyle and the people around you therefore explore other ways of dealing with your thoughts and feelings.

Therapies that may help with depression are:

Curative hypnotherapy (Essential)

Cognitive therapy (CBT)

Psychodynamic therapy



Massage therapies such as Aromatherapy.

Disclaimer: We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the advice or guidance contained within this page. Please consult a GP or a Doctor of Psychology for professional advice and guidance on all your treatments. Do not alter or reduce any mediation without consulting your GP first. This information is presented for information purposes only.

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