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How to become a dog trainer

Fully Updated Brand New 2015 Version Approved Dog Training Skills 5th edition.

Upon completion of this course you will be entitled to the use of Designatory letters after your name:, MOC, MSFTR.

Course Overview

This Open College™ UK DVD and approved UK text based non forceful, gentle and kind training method course covers all the 'basics' of dog training and its associated developmental problems and introduces the novice to this fascinating subject by providing a sound background upon which to build your Dog Training Skills.

We believe this is the best and most up to date Dog Training Method available. Once you have studied this method you will see why we believe this to be the case or we will provide you with a full refund within the 14 days guarantee home inspection period. This course explains in detail why this method overrides all other methods that use harsh force related techniques.

This particular Dog Training approach used in this course is taught by a well known UK TV Dog Trainer.

This is an excellent course Training Method for anyone who wants to understand dog behaviour, dog training and the animals essential needs. This course 'outlines' a basic tried and tested approved programme that covers all aspects of dog training. This includes the basics from house-training a pup to advanced training techniques.

This training approach deals with all the basics such as house training, barking, correct walking on a lead, pulling, sitting down, staying and so on. Also covering more complex problems as chasing other animals, aggressive food bowl guarding etc. An excellent study for anyone who is thinking about acquiring a dog/pup or is just interested in basic dog training for other personal reasons.

This course will open your eyes to such facts as why you should never use tennis balls as toys, throw sticks in the park, use choker chains to control or train, throw or squirt water to stop barking and so on.

Once you have completed this course you will never have to shout at any dog again. Shouting never works, never has and never will. Most owners 'do it' every day with disobedient dogs. The problem is not the dog, but the owners lack of knowledge resulting in the dogs lack of 'correct' training. This course teaches it all in a simple, calm and enjoyable way.

Upon completion of this course you will be entitled to use the letters MOC, SFTR after your name.




How dogs developed.

How dogs learn.

Training without force.

The success of positive training.

Building a sound foundation.

House training.

Home alone issues.

Rapport and bonding.

Understanding canine language.

Behavioural modification solutions.


Anxiety and fears.

Fireworks in thunderstorm reactions.

Pack theory.


Correcting toileting issues.

The puppy and his bad habits.

Separation anxiety.

Easing distress.


Compulsive behaviours.

Solving barking.

Jumping up.

Walking the dog/leash pulling.

Pica/faeces eating.


Dog aggression.

Item guarding.

Rectifying common behavioural problems.

Running after other dogs, joggers etc.

Course duration: Around 3 to 6 months home study.

Contains:Test paper clamp folder

In-depth and easy to read approved text book manual covering UK training techniques. Includes easy to follow step by step routines.

60 minute in-depth training DVD

Study guide

Study log.

This course contains all the course materials needed to complete your studies in Dog Training.

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How to become a dog trainer





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