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Dog Psychology Diploma Course Canine Psychology,Canine Behavior

Correspondence Courses

1. CMA Recognised & Registered Open College™ Diploma Course

2. SFTR Accredited Open College™ Diploma Course

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Fully updated 2014 version

We have been providing this particular Diploma Training Course to the British Police Force - Dog Handlers Unit for several years. (Verifiable).

Upon completion of this course you will be entitled to the use of Designatory letters after your name: Dip.Dog.Psy, MOC, MSFTR.

A Profound Study In Canine Behavior

This course is ideal for anyone, including dog owners, complete beginners or students interested in the psychology behind the behavior. This course is also targeted toward vets and professional dog trainers/handlers, security, police etc. Anyone working with dogs will benefit from undertaking this course.

The course provides a detailed and minute examination of common and abnormal dog behaviours and helps the student adequately understand, accurately diagnose and attempt to effectively treat a wide range of behavioural problems. Contains many instructions which makes the guidance in this course easy to apply to treating and changing unwanted behaviour.

This course is excellent for anyone who actually want to see into the minds-drives of dogs.

A valuable reference resource - essential for all those working with dogs at all levels. From dog lover, beginner upto the professional.


  • Canine play

  • Learning

  • Social behaviour

  • Sexual behaviour

  • Ingestive behaviour

  • Origins of behaviour

  • Communication behaviour

  • Eliminative behaviour

  • Eliminating behaviour problems

  • Vocal, postural, marking communication

  • Aggression

  • Locomotive behaviour

  • Canine grooming behaviour

  • Evaluating all behaviour problems

    Students who have enroled onto this course have also found the Dog Training Diploma course is an ideal accompaniment.
    Training Dogs

    Once completed you are entitled to use the letters and MOC MSFTR after your name. Please see below.

    Course duration - Average 3 to 6 months home study.

    Course Delivery Despatch Times:

    Free Postage & Packing

    Your course pack will be despatched after payment clearance using 'Secure Courier' 'Special Delivery' and will require a signature at your doorstep. Your course pack can also be despatched (upon request) to your place of work, friend or family address.


  • Test paper Clamp Binder folder

  • In-depth practical course text book on Canine Bevavior

  • Detailed instructional study guide

  • Study time log of your hours undertaken for records/proof of study course hours undertaken

  • Free deep relaxation CD

  • A4 size membership wall display certificate into the college. Allowing you the use of MOC after your name

  • 2nd A4 size membership wall display certificate into the SFTR. Allowing you the use of MSFTR after your name

  • 3rd A4 size wall display Diploma certificate upon completion of this course. You will be entitled to the use of Dip.Dog.Psy after your name.

    Enrolment & other payment Instructions located here.





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