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Counselling Diploma Course counselling Theory skills

Correspondence Courses

1. CMA Recognised & Registered Open College Diploma Course

2. SFTR Accredited Open College Diploma Course

3. SHTC Accreditation Upon successful completion of this course you will be entitled to apply for Accreditation & Membership with the SHTC. Click Logo for details.

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Course Overview

This Open College™ Diploma awarded course in counselling theory has also been approved by several NHS organisations and Primary Care Trust's around the UK for NHS employee funding

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This course is new and has been fully updated November 2014.

Upon completion of this course you will be entitled to the use of Designatory letters after your name: Dip.Couns, MOC, MSFTR.

Upon completion of the counselling course (has been running for 11 years) you will have a good degree of knowledge in the various counselling skills needed to assist a client in making changes in their life.

Enrolment for this recognised counselling course is open and ongoing to anyone in the UK committed to learning the skills of counselling.

Ideal for complete beginners and those who already have therapeutic experience/background in other therapy fields etc. Many students that have enroled onto this course have been Social workers, Drug workers, Nurses, Carers, Mental Health Workers, Lawyers, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Doctors, GPs, Solicitors, Shop Workers, Labourers, Office Workers, Police, Factory Staff, Colleges, Institutes, unemployed and many other multidisciplinary therapists and non therapists, (to many to mention) have taken this distance learning, homestudy course in counselling.

This diploma course is currently available for the temporary reduced low fee of only £225 UK. All course fees can be viewed below:

All Course Fees

Course Description

This is an outstanding course, easy to follow and suitable for all levels of counselling study by all types of professionals working within the many caring professions, social welfare, education, health, nursing, various one to one-face to face counselling scenarios, through email counselling and over the telephone help and support-counselling.

A very practical and stimulating course to assist learning in a wide field of helping and caring professions-services which offer guidance and support, information and personal advice. This course offers an excellent guide for the correct application of communication and basic counselling skills.

This course offers a step-by-step guide to counselling theory practice and takes the reader through the counselling process from the initial first meeting and assessment, right through to end of the counsellor-client relationship, providing advice on how to structure and manage therapeutic work in many aspects of the therapeutic relationship.

Empathy, congruence, psychological contact, unconditional positive regard and so forth are defined not only as the basis of counselling but also of the counsellor's wider role within the counselling scenario. This course provides an in-depth exploration with common examples and exercises to assist understanding of the theory and the development of the outlined counselling skills. Suitable for all therapists and beginners.


  • The theory

  • Acceptance of others

  • Therapy conditions

  • Metaphors and similes

  • Empathetic understanding

  • Distancing

  • Congruence

  • Speaking

  • Communication

  • Listening to all of the person

  • Skills of correct attention, two way communications, reflective listening

  • Fears

  • Self Disclosure

  • Judging

  • Positivity

  • Deception

  • Meeting the client

  • Framing

  • Psychological contact

  • Keeping the contact

  • Therapeutic process

  • Subtle and emotional contact

  • Starting and ending the counselling session

  • Trust

  • What can counselling actually do

  • Physical touch

  • Boundaries

  • Counsellor care

  • Relationship skills

  • Negotiating with colleagues and managers

  • Positive use of communication skills

  • Understanding the perspectives of clients

    Your Counselling Course Package Contains:

  • A very easy to follow and highly stimulating text book on Learning The Counselling Skills needed.

  • Test papers presentation clamp folder.

  • Detailed instructional study guide.

  • Study time log of your hours undertaken for records/proof of study course hours undertaken.

  • A4 size membership wall display certificate into the college. Allowing you the use of MOC after your name.

  • 2nd A4 size membership wall display certificate into the SFTR. Allowing you the use of MSFTR after your name.

  • Upon completion of the course you may apply for a Membership listing with the CCC Counselling Charity.

    Please note: Applications are made via the counselling charity website direct here at the end of your course and not through the Open College. All applicants who apply to join the charity are considered individually upon your application to them. The Open College does not claim or guarantee that any applicant will automatically be accepted by the CCC for membership and registration or by any other professional body after undertaking this course. If in doubt please contact the Counselling charity first to confirm.

  • Free relaxation CD.

    This course contains all the course materials needed to complete your study in Counselling Skills.

    Once this course has been completed the student is entitled to use the letters Dip.Couns MOC & MSFTR after your name. Note: MOC & MSFTR are renewable yearly memberships. Also, subject to an application to the SHTC. SHTC Accreditation after your name as stated above. See SHTC logo.

    Course duration - average 3 to 6 months home study. Upon completion of this course the student, you, will have a far greater and deeper understanding of yourself and how you and others think, more importantly why you think the way you do! This is an excellent course for students considering future work in counselling or for those whose current work position may require any form of counselling skills or related.

    The course provides a rich and very deep look at the relationship that exists between counsellor and client. The skill of counselling is the ability to listen and interpret what the client has spoken to you.

    This course will enhance your own confidence levels in yourself and as a counsellor.

    Some Questions & Answers

    Q: Are there any entry requirements for this or any other OC courses?
    A: There are currently no entry requirements for this course. Enrolment is open and ongoing throughout the year.

    Q: Will I have to sit an exam at a centre or travel to college?
    A: No, all your work is carried out at your home and sent to us through the post.

    Q: How many hours study would I need to give the course per week?
    A: Just 30 mins per eve would be ample. Small study periods/chunks at a time is more than enough.

    Q: I am on a low income. Do you offer discounts/concessions for this course?
    A: Due to the current low fees in place we are unfortunately unable to provide any further deductions.

    Q: Who is most suited to this course?
    A: Beginners and the inexperienced are ideally suited to this course. All other experienced therapists from varied walks of life are also ideally suited to this course including counsellors out of touch.

    Q: Why is your course so affordable? Does not the fee possibly reflect the quality?
    A: The course has been reduced from several hundred pounds for the low promotional period. The quality of the course is more than excellent. You will receive more TOP QUALITY materials from us than many other well known course providers. This we know is a fact. Often we have had to tidy up the mess and pick up the pieces that other course providers have made with some of our clients and students. We can bring our courses to you for the low fees simply because we have special deals on certain course materials with certain publishers, stationers and suppliers. We also have an excellent and successful national business marketing structure in place.

    Q: How long are the special offers on for?
    A: We cannot say exactly except that we review our courses and fees each month. Please note: Prices can change at any time without any prior notice.

    Q: Will this counselling course qualify me as a counsellor?
    A: Regarding legislation for counsellors in the UK there is currently none. AMAZINGLY so. 'The concept of persons needing to attain a certain level of skill or qualification is not applicable to the profession of counselling. In the same way that people have the freedom to call themselves 'Professional Window Cleaners' counsellors may also call themselves 'Counsellors'. Such names are not protected in the same way as 'Doctor' or 'Psychologist' etc. This applies to the UK.

    It should be noted that qualifications come in a huge variety of forms. The usual progression for a counsellor in general is a counselling certificate, counselling diploma, psychology degree etc. However, all is not always as it seems. Some diploma courses last over one to three years and involve many hours of practice. Some diplomas, however, can be obtained by distance learning, as can some degree level courses from Open Universities and colleges. This is not to say that they are not equally valid, the Open University for example works to an unquestionably high standard, but standards do vary. This applies equally to all types of training. For example many two and three year college diploma courses comprise only one day per week actual tuition, and a one year certificate course may contain a similar amount of tuition. (Be very aware of the high fees that many charge).

    Please bear in mind that we offer a very low cost distance learning diploma awarded course in counselling and psychotherapy. £225 for the counselling course and £190 for the Psychotherapy Course

    Q: Apart from yourselves are there any other course providers or courses that you can recommend?
    A: For obvious reasons we are not going to advertise other's here the same as they would not advertise us.

    Students who have enroled onto this course have also found this course is an excellent accompaniment.
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    Students who have enroled onto this course have also found this course is an excellent accompaniment.
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    Enrolment & other payment Instructions located here.

    Telephone Number: 0121 680 0141
    Your course material and welcome pack will be sent to you (recorded delivery) in a matter of days.





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